Tuesday, September 18, 2007

How To Easily Choose The Best Tooth Whitening Method

Since tooth whitening systems and methods now flood the market, you will want to know how to best choose the best tooth whitening formula and method, whether at the dentist or by yourself at home.This can be a very difficult task if you consider the alarming rate at which the tooth whitening industry is growing and churning out both high and low quality products for unsuspecting consumers. The Tooth whitening market has grown to represent some $4 billion dollar per annum business in the United Stats alone, with a deluge of offers that could make you dizzy and unable to make correct buying decision.

So how do you go about choosing the best tooth whitening method for you and your family?

In the avalanche of tooth whitening methods in the market today, you will find three main methods:

  1. Whitening Trays which contain whitening gels and won to bed to bleach the teeth over night.

  2. Whitening Strips of different variations are mostly for do it yourself home whitening, which takes just a few hours to achieve whiteness.

  3. Professional tooth whitening by your dentist.

Now, what should inform your decision to use any of the above methods of tooth whitening? I can hear you saying cost, result and cost. Yes, you are right, especially on safety. In deciding to use either 1 or two above, it is advisable to have your dentist check up your teeth to ensure that you have no teeth or gum problem that tooth whitening could aggravate.

The most popular and cheapest tooth whitening methods are the Strips, because you can get some brands for as low as $9 while the higher brands such as Crest or Rembrandt etc cost as much as between $35 - $50.

At the dentist you will have a choice of conventional whitening or the use of laser light to carefully whiten your teeth. I must, however, remind you that regular visits or application of your do it your self tooth whiting method is necessary since none of the methods ensures a lasting whiteness for your teeth. Note that a single application might not produce the desired result.

Hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide are the compounds of which most whitening or bleaching gels are made. Frequent or prolonged use could result in damage to both teeth and gum, especially if you use home tooth whitening kits without adequate knowledge or supervision by your dentist. Get advice from your dentist about the best tooth whitening method for you.

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