Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Philadelphia Tooth Whitening Dentists

Philadelphia tooth whitening dentists are qualified dentists who practice tooth whitening in and around Philadelphia city. They provide quality treatment methods with personalized care. Tooth whitening helps to clean and maintain healthy teeth, and lightens the discoloration caused by stains or aging. The state-of-the-art whitening process has several benefits - the person looks younger and develops inner confidence.

Philadelphia tooth whitening dentists perform a comprehensive examination during the first appointment to analyze the condition of the teeth and recommend the best option. They evaluate the patient's tooth shade with the help of comparing strips or photographs in the pre-whitening treatment. They also recommend a variety of treatments such as porcelain veneers, composite bonding and implants according to the condition of the teeth. The tooth whitening process, also known as bleaching, includes hydrogen peroxide as the main bleaching agent. The dentists take additional care with the use of bibs to avoid side effects of the products. They also include laser and other lights as activators in the whitening treatment. Most of the dentists use certain standard kits such as The Zoom, BriteSmile, Niveous, and LumaArch.

The professional expertise of Philadelphia tooth whitening dentists helps to provide fast and accurate results in the shortest span of time. They are of immense help when you want to keep appointments or attend corporate meetings. The protection they provide is another advantage. They provide special care with highest infection control standards and mercury free tooth fillings. Tooth whitening dentists also recommend after care solutions such as tray gel system, teeth whitening strips etc. They suggest some additional in-home treatments with micro abrasion material to polish out the white or brown spots in the teeth. Most dentists guarantee their cosmetic treatment for 1-3 years.

The suggestions of friends and patients who had similar treatment can help you find the right dentist. Internet sites enable you to verify the dentist's degree, participation in continuing education and license to practice in the state.

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