Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Paint on Tooth Whitening Products

For those that don’t fancy the cost or the hassle of tray based tooth whitening products or professional tooth whitening, paint on tooth whiteners, while not necessarily proving to be as effect as some of their counterparts, certainly have a place in the tooth whitening market.

Paint on tooth whitening products are unique in as much that they don’t require tooth whitening trays and, as the name suggests, paint on tooth whiteners are applied directly to the teeth where the product solidifies and transforms into an adherent film.

Unlike other tooth whitening systems, with paint on tooth whitening products you can be selective as to which teeth you choose to bleach.

Colgate’s Simply white (paint on tooth whitener) uses the preferred carbamide peroxide as it’s bleaching agent rather than the traditional hydrogen peroxide which is commonly found in over the counter tooth whitening products. Hydrogen peroxide is a bleaching agent not really supported by cosmetic dentists or the dental association as it is their belief that it can’t safely be used in sufficient quantities to deliver the desired whitening effect.

You have a couple of options with paint on tooth whiteners. You can either choose a tooth whitening product that is applied for 30 minutes or go for a night version such as Colgate Simply White Night which bleaches your teeth while you sleep. It is thought that the night versions deliver a better result but that is probably due to the length of time that the tooth whitening product remains on your teeth.

When using paint on tooth whitening products the general advice is to avoid doing anything that might dislodge the product from the surface of your teeth which will reduce the effectiveness of the product. It seems to be a common opinion that it is more difficult than it appears to both apply and retain the tooth whitening product on the surface of the teeth.

Paint on tooth whitening products are easily removed simply by brushing your teeth.

As with most tooth whitening techniques, paint on tooth whitening products are only effective on natural teeth and will have no impact on prosthetics such as dental crowns or veneers.

Whatever tooth whitening product you choose is down to personal choice but there is very little comparison available between paint on tooth whitening products and what are considered to be the most effective tooth whitening products on the market. The general consensus of opinion appears to remain that for the most effective tooth whitening results go for the professional approach such as laser tooth whitening or, if you want an option that is less harsh on your pocket, then go for tray based tooth whitening products using carbamide peroxide as the bleaching agent.

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