Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Tooth Whitening Secrets: In House Enjoyment

Tooth whitening is a process in which the teeth color is lightened. The shading of the teeth is made in different grades by adaptation of different kinds of methods comprising both in house methods and office methods. Tooth whitening has to do with a tooth that gets darkly colored view due to aging, usage of colored beverages that can stain the teeth including coffee, tea and others.

Tooth whitening is useful for many persons who take responsibility of the appearance of their stained tooth. The whitening is carried out using the white strips that can be applied on the tooth structures along with the bleaching substance. Just after the gap of thirty minutes, the strips may be taken out. Like this, for a period of seven days the procedure is to be carried out patiently and the teeth get light color. However, due to over enthusiasm one should not resort to unwanted technique to have tooth whitening. Certain persons may spoil their tooth by using lemon juice frequently over the teeth. On such persons the vitamin C in the lemon juice reduces the calcium level of teeth and the tooth gets loosened and may become highly vulnerable to the fracture. Similarly, many stories are there about the persons who want the tooth whitening.

Few persons even go to the extent of application of baking soda continuously and this leads to erosion of teeth. The person using hydrogen peroxide solution in a more concentrated manner may end up in over bleaching. Hence care is required on tooth whitening. Bleaching gel that has ADA seal for safety and effectiveness may be used as one of the significant products useful for tooth whitening. A tray containing the bleaching gel is placed over the teeth in a fitting manner and is gently pressed. Most of the times, within six to seven days the desired effects are apparent in such persons.

Though light is being used, still many debate on the usage of the light in the tooth whitening. The laser light is being used in a more careful manner to make a better whitening effect on the teeth structures. One should remember that the tooth whitening occurs mainly due to the bleaching effects of the often used chemical agent, however, there are some home made techniques that can cause the same effects like brushing with barks of numb trees, walnut tree and others. Special toothbrush can make vibrations to assist in the tooth whitening process. In conclusion, getting whitening teeth is healthy, smart and enjoyable. Get one done today.

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