Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Tooth Whitening & Tooth Sensitivity - The Truth Revealed

If you’re considering having teeth whitening treatment, then one of the biggest side effects that you need to know about is tooth sensitivity.

For most people this is just a temporary side effect, which just makes your teeth more sensitive to hot and cold. This is due to the whitening chemical. Some people believe the sensitive is more pronounced with home tooth whitening kits, but this hasn’t been proven. Personally I haven’t noticed a difference.

Usually the tooth sensitivity isn’t very painful. On a scale from one to ten, I would give it a 2 or a 3, and the pain doesn’t last very long afterwards. Perhaps a few days.

However, if you already have problems with your teeth that need fixing, such as cavities that are already causing you sensitivity, then you will definitely want to have this treated before you have whitening. If you’re planning on using a home whitening kit, but already have tooth sensitivity, it may be wise to consult your dentist first.

Why? Because the home whitening kit you’re planning on using could give you unbearable sensitivity if your teeth are already sensitivity.

Another potential side effect that can happen when you have tooth whitening is gum irritation. This can sometimes occur if your gums are sensitive to the whitening agent. If you experience this, you should go see your dentist because they may be able to find you a solution. Some of the common solutions are wearing the tray for less time, or redesigning the tray so the whitening agent doesn’t come into contact with your gum.

So in conclusion, if you have sensitive teeth then you may want to have this sorted out before you have tooth whitening treatment. But otherwise, the tooth sensitivity is quite mild, and the results of your whiter teeth will be more than worth it.

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