Tuesday, September 18, 2007

An Insight Into Tooth Whitening For Better Understanding

The very first question you will likely ask is: What is Tooth Whitening? And the basic answer is that Tooth whitening is a process for whitening or bleaching your teeth to remove all stains on both enamel and dentin. Most tooth whitening procedures are carried out by applying a chemical substance such as carbamide peroxide to your teeth to whiten them. Are you getting the gist?

Your teeth is constantly invaded by external stains from the different colorful drinks you take, vegetable, animal oils including cholesterol, food particles; chemical reactions in the teeth and nerve deterioration as a result of aging will one way or the other cause your teeth to lose luster and whiteness.

At what age is tooth whitening advisable? Well, tooth whitening for children who still bear their milk teeth may not be necessary, though such teeth can still be whitened by the procedure. But since milk teeth are not permanent it would appear that most tooth whitening are done by adults and minors whose milk teeth have been replaced with permanent teeth.

If you ask me whether a pregnant or nursing woman should undergo tooth whitening, my answer would be that there has been no conclusive evidence as to whether bleaching or whitening chemicals are harmful or otherwise on the health of such women. So it is best, for precaution sake, to keep off tooth whitening until after child birth and lactation.

Next you may want to know whether tooth whitening is able to really whiten all teeth evenly. Again the answer is no. This is because your teeth’s enamel weight varies and the whitening chemical is able to do a better job where enamel is better concentrated on your teeth. So the way round this draw back is continuous application of the whitening procedure for more even whitening.

Then you should want to know how safe tooth whitening is. Answer is that it depends on what method and product, and if you do it yourself, your level of knowledge of the particular product. It is advisable that you seek advice from the dentist.

Misapplication of chemical compounds to the body can be injurious. However, if you follow instructions properly, there is no danger in tooth whitening, save some minor tooth sensitivity, which not everyone experiences.

The bottom line is to purchase your dental products from a reputable dentist who should also offer answers to your questions regarding the correct use of tooth whitening products.

Neshah writes for your sound health. For more information on Tooth Whitening Resources, visit http://opalescence-tooth-whitening.fateback.com

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