Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Tooth Whitening Kits

Tooth-whitening kits are meant to provide lasting results in the shortest possible time. The existing cultural demand to have clean and attractive teeth has given rise to a surge of new tooth-whitening kits in the consumer market.

These tooth-whitening kits are easily available online and can be bought at more or less the same prices as other, less effective tooth-whitening products. These kits vary from small plastic kits placed on the tooth overnight to professionally designed tooth trays that let the bleaching gel become absorbed into the enamel. Typically, in a bleach-based tooth whitener kit, a tooth bleaching agent is applied to a mouth tray, and then the tray is inserted into the mouth. Most of these trays have to be worn for just an hour. A major disadvantage of this method is the need to sit for an hour or so with the mouth open. The whiter the teeth have to be, the longer the need to maintain the same tiring position.

It is possible to get some very good tooth-whitening kits today. Some have a uniquely balanced formula that releases active oxygen to brighten and whiten teeth safely and naturally. With a neutral pH, unlike some similar products which are acidic, this is soft on the teeth. Tooth-whitening kits contain xylitol, a powerful anticaries agent to prevent tooth decay, and potassium, which creates a de-sensitizing effect that is ideal for people with sensitive gums.

Home tooth-whitening kits are similar to those that a dental professional would use; the difference is that the concentrations of active ingredients in these are lower. Higher concentrations are permitted in an office formula since those are applied by a professional who understands how it works and who has precise control over the application. The latest clinical studies show that tooth-whitening kits are harmless when used as directed. Hence, based on the available scientific information, it can be safely concluded that there is no cause for concern about the possible adverse effects on tooth structure or enamel hardness.

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