Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Is Laser Teeth Whitening the Way Forward?

Many people who have previously discounted teeth whitening processes, due to the perceived discomfort and the number of sessions it takes, have had renewed interest in tooth whitening as a result of laser teeth whitening techniques.

Laser light teeth whitening under brand names such as Zoom Teeth whitening, Rembrandt or BriteSmile have bought a new perspective to the teeth whitening industry with the claim that tooth whitening takes just 1 hour.

Some sceptics argue that the speed at which the laser teeth whitening products work is as a result of the bleaching agent and not attributable to the laser light but whatever the answer results have proved that laser teeth whitening does work (either as a result of the laser or the whitening gel) and eliminates the need for the number of sessions required seen other teeth whitening products such as tray based tooth whitening.

The Rembrandt teeth whitening is one of the main players in the laser teeth whitening market with the teeth whitening gel being activated by a plasma arc light. Rembrandt laser whitening has been seen to deliver powerful results with teeth being brightened by 8 – 10 shades.

Another of the big players in the laser teeth whitening market is BriteSmile who have developed a laser teeth whitening system than produces exceptional results. As with other laser teeth whitening systems Britesmile office based laser whitening can whiten your teeth by 8-10 shades in one sitting.

Zoom laser teeth whitening is perhaps one of the most well known brands for laser teeth whitening having been more widely publicised than some of the other laser options. And, as with the other laser brands, Zoom also offer a home ‘tray based’ option which lightens your teeth after regular use over a period of days.

Despite the sceptics laser teeth whitening is proving increasingly popular even though the cost of the laser whitening can prove to be quite meaty with a starting cost of around $500 but ranging to well over $1000. Given that tooth whitening is by no means a permanent solution, with further sessions being required every 2 – 3 years (depending on what you eat and drink and your level of dental care), the lifetime cost of this cosmetic dentistry procedure can easily mount up.

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