Tuesday, September 18, 2007

ZOOM – Dramatic Tooth Whitening in One Hour

Tooth whitening products are everywhere. From the toothpaste you use to the gum you can buy at the gas station. For the most part, these products either don’t work or take months to provide results. ZOOM tooth whitening can lighten your teeth in as little as one hour.

ZOOM tooth whitening is completed by first applying a special tooth whitening gel to your teeth. Then, a special light is directed at you teeth, activating the gel, and breaking down stains in the enamel of your teeth.

Zoom teeth whitening is completely safe and will not harm your gums. In fact, the special light used during the ZOOM teeth whitening process has been show to be healthy for gums.

Many people that want to have their teeth whitened go to the grocery store and purchase the product they think will work the best. These products often do more harm than good by making teeth and gums sensitive and changing the color of teeth to an unnatural shade of white.

Zoom teeth whitening breaks down the stains in your teeth to lighten the color of your teeth. Also, many over-the-counter products take weeks or months to work, if at all, while ZOOM teeth whitening is completed in just one hour. The result of ZOOM teeth whitening is a dazzling white smile that looks natural, not bleached.

If you would like to have your teeth whitened, contact an experienced cosmetic dentist near you to schedule an initial teeth whitening consultation. During your initial consultation you will find out if ZOOM teeth whitening is the right choice for your teeth.

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